Monday, April 12, 2010

15 lbs left before you no longer exist...

Well .. Last time I checked I only have 15 lbs to go before I reach my "Pre- Connecticut Weight" and I am 40 days away from my birthday. Wow it has taken me 160 days to peel away years of issues and 42 lbs of work relocation, higgnation, and snowstorm misery. Just so you know :Bad relocation changes, a bad relationship and wearing the same suit to work every day compiled with 8 months of winter and really bad Italian food ..Sorry my Italian American friends ..but your food in New England is an embarrassment to your ancestors, all of this equates to 57 lbs of weight gain over a 2 1/2 year period. Wow I finally feel 42 lbs lighter!

I was considering taking a Tri state tour for my 40th birthday, which included a trip to the constitution state, along with NYC and LA.. But now that I really think about it ...Reeaallyy??? Reallyy Mara??? Yes there are good people there that I love..The few and the mighty..but the rest of it seems so dark, bleak and honestly ..maybe I should save the trip for when I am 10 lbs shy of my goal weight ...Because then I will only be one stomach flu from fabulous, and the thought of going back there promotes immediate nausea.

The thought of just saying goodbye puts a giant smile on my face ..and as much as I love the few and the mighty that are left there..We will have to find a middle ground..Because all I can do is stand on the outskirts and wave goodbye....

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