Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Art of Combat...

A lazy Saturday afternoon turned into quite the learning experience..I was planning a an afternoon of channel flipping when I ran into "Enter the Dragon" .. normally I would have flipped to "Bridezillas" or some re run of a vintage Jlo flick .. But I guess the rush that I got from feeling the vibration of a high performance engine between my legs the night before .. made me a bit testosterone hungry..and NO I'm not talking about my favorite "Battery Operated Boy", it was a motorcycle and a big one... and NO I was not on the back.. So still reveling in the power trip of holding up the bike on the tip toes of my fave stilettos.. I settle into a couple of hours of Bruce.
I have read many quotes from many fighters and combat philosophers of different disciplines and one thing stands out. A true and success full warrior .. is observant, anticipates his opponents moves, stays focused and waits for the right moment.. even if that means taking a few hits. I read somewhere a while back the following quote:

"The secret of this sport is, while you're the nail, hang in there, let them hit you until the day you become the hammer... then you smash them back!"
- Renzo Gracie
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I have found this quote to be a an amazing description of my life, throughout this process of healing I am learning that you cannot skip the process of being the "dark horse", but you can avoid being the "underdog".
Taking a hit for the sake of timing is not the same as getting your ass kicked . And for so long I thought I was getting a major ass kicking .. when in truth I was just waiting for the right moment.. That's all of the proof that I needed to understand that the "dark horse" is an animal of beauty, breeding and strength..the one to watch and the one to watch out for...

I'm sure Bruce Lee took many hits before he learned the right time and place to hit back. In the clip below you see a perfect example of grace and intention..And as one of the few.. I commit to a life of intention... My time as the nail is over ...

" Boards don't hit back " - Bruce Lee

" But I do" - Mara Rivera

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