Sunday, March 14, 2010

GREAT ! All I need is to be attacked by a GATOR !!

So.. dating again..or I thought I was...until I ran into him out with another girl !! and not a very attractive one at that.. He always tells me he loves how I smell, and that I look so nice , opens doors and breathes in the fact that I am the epitome of a woman.. from my carefully contoured face to my polished finger tips ..I taste expensive..He runs his fingers through my hair ,intoxicated by the scent of Jasmine and coos about how smooth it is ..delights in the sound of my voice and begged me to let him kiss me one more time..

And last Friday night I ran into him at the local hot spot accompanied by a girl who would fit in very well in a Swamp environment .. She was short, maybe a size 10 about 5'2...Now I'm a size 20 and 5'6..but I never leave the house under 5'9..So I figure he selected her due to her obvious ability to fit in the back seat of his truck for a quick fuck.. Cuz girls like me need some space to stretch out and we don't do cars or motels lol.She was wearing ill fitting jeans payless sneakers a short sleeved t-shirt over along sleeved t. and a CHOKER..Her hair was short with out grown highlights and looked like it needed a good wash..and I could not imagine her smelling of anything more Ed Hardy knock off.

Irrespective of the clear differences between the pudgy trailer trash brat and myself ..I was still livid and proceeded to order shots of jager and tequila..He looked over at me and gave the the "what's up/ chin up" and I looked away with my best ever "Gray's Anatomy SERIOUSLY!!?? SERIOUSLY??!!".
A couple of shots later(One shot was in Higgins honor , as it was his birthday). I found myself drunk texting(SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!). My text read as follows..."you really screw anything that moves..I would be embarrassed to be on your list". yeah woman scorned(DAM JAGER!)... And then proceeded to not make eye contact with him the rest of the night..until I was leaving ..where he hit me with the five minute stare down..faced with the fact that I had his full attention I mouth a very full very sexy "Fuck you" and to make sure he understood me, since he looked at me funny ..I mouthed it again, this time slow and sexy...fuuuukk....yoooouuuu.... about faced and headed for the local gay bar to dance with men that truly appreciate a beautiful woman ...


  1. Nasty! Talk about a DOWNGRADE. Brava for putting this guy in his place.

  2. Wow Marimer, this was some awesome reading! I'm sorry to hear how you've been living through all of this. I pray that life is turning around for you. No one should have to go through these kinds of situations and so many do! Love your new found strength and outlook on life! Peace and blessings to you.