Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Almost Home....

Time again has stood pretty still these past couple of weeks...Writer's block firmly in place.. Working through the worms ..and rediscovering passion.. it's like I was liberated by publicly discussing the one thing that I had kept so hidden..and at the same time working through how to re discover my sexual being. The universe has definitely delivered plenty of opportunities to show me that I am not as far out of the game as I thought..I am enjoying the fact that I feel and am desirable again,however my brain has not been able to compartmentalize the fact that I should not feel guilty.. It's a really weird place to be ...I guess I'll call it my "half way home phase". Just a few of more exits till my destination..This process has taught me that you have to go home before you can move forward...and I received confirmation of that today. I was checking emails when I saw that my "strangest friend ..who is definitely not a stranger" had written..This woman and I go way back...Her words were inspirational..and moving..simple and powerful ..yet a new reminder from heaven of who I AM. And if was great to know that no matter what I have done in my life ..she remembers my essence..As I always remember hers.. She sent me a song by Georgia Anne Muldrow called "Break you down".. I was so amazed that I quickly downloaded everything I could find..And I came across the following video "Roses" and decided to post it for her as well as for myself ... Thank you my dear friend for always leaving a light on for me and reminding me that all I need is a pencil and pretty paper...this is for you..

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  1. I strongly suggest you all find " break you down" from the album EARLY. I was unable to uplead the song.