Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well needless to say I have finally said good bye to 2009..It took me two days longer than everyone else! Seems like as the year ended I began to actually release all of the crap I was truly pissed about in this last year, so the side effects took a couple of days to subside.
I spent the weekend scaring myself to death watching youtube videos on HCG diets and how to place the injection.So today was D Day I did it! I have always been pretty brave, but honestly the last 3 years had turned me into a boring ,safe person I did not recognize in the mirror. So taking the plunge and injecting myself with a pregnancy hormone seems pretty brave at this point. I am expecting that with every pound of fat I shed I will also shed 5lbs of baggage. because I said before ...When you're the professional fat girl, everything wrong in your life is tied to that extra few pounds you wish you could just keep off.
I warn you, the next week will be full of angry posts from a woman who will be denying herself any form pleasure. There will be no drinking, no fun eating, no sex . I will simply be a dieting, non sex having chain smoker that may or may not have to take up weed smoking in order to survive. so I guess we will discuss becoming a pothead in week five. But honestly I'm sure I'll be needing a horse tranquilizer by Friday, otherwise, If you have not heard from me it could very well be that I have gnawed my right arm off in the process!

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