Thursday, January 7, 2010

For Kate Moss press One....

With 4 days of my weight loss protocol under my belt, I am surprised to say that my arms are still intact! The occasional sleeping pill has replaced the uncontrollable desire for a HORSE TRANQUILIZER, and my only side effect is the peeing! Incessant and annoying. Just call me SEA BISCUIT! Oh and there is also the recent uncontrollable urge to have a MARTINI, which I think is my body responding to and acute attack of Higgins-itis I had two days ago.
There is something to be said about having the courage to inject yourself. It makes you feel unstoppable and invincible. In my bathroom on Sunday morning holding a syringe filled with a solution that could end weight issues forever. I held my breath and went for it. It did not hurt and it gave me my control back and damn did I need it! So armed with my food scale,vitamins appetite suppressants,HCG hormone and enough food to only satisfy the tiny Kate Moss inside all of us(even though I will be more of a Queen Latifa),I recite my new mantra .

"Nothing tastes as good as SKINNY feels"

Kate Moss

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