Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The appointment

It's 3:30 am and I'm up with no intention to go back to bed. Nicely done for a person with mild sleep apnea that easily falls asleep while driving. Today is my first appointment at "Fat Camp" or Transformations Advanced medical weight loss.
These are the folks that are going to help me get my body back .
I selected a program that is comprised of HCG shots, appetite suppressants and a strict diet under 800 calories per day.
Now what is HCG? Please bear with me as I get technical. HCG is a hormone created by pregnant women. It is released through the placenta. without going in too deep. daily injections of this hormone will not only make you fertile as hell, but will allow you to lose 1 to 2lbs of body fat per day! Crazy huh? It also has been seen that the body becomes more contoured. Now in a nutshell. These results are achieved by injecting the hormone and thrusting the body into famine mode by prescribing a super low calorie diet. When the body is in famine mode the HCG opens up old fat reserves and uses them for fuel , all of this without using up your good fat or viable muscle and organ tissue. Well thank God for that!
I have been researching this method for a while now and was excited to know that there are clinics in FL that used this type of therapy.
Now here is the scary part. this hormone can also accelerate the rate in which cancer grows, so it is imperative that the patient be cancer free. I am cancer free but that sentence alone scared me to death.
Now even though I cringe at the thought of becoming a highly fertile, irritable monster(I assume I should have the side affects of a pregnant woman )at this point it would be much better than feeling like "The blob that ate Manhattan".
So off I go to see the Wizard. With all my hope tucked neatly inside of my ruby red slippers as I count down to D day. January 2,2010

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