Saturday, December 26, 2009

Welcome Home 12/22/2009-12/26/2009

So with no job, no boyfriend and the impending 40th birthday coming up in May of 2010
I figured that I would move back near the family(scary thought) and figure out what was next.
I made the following plan.(in this order)

1. Go to fat camp. If celebreties get paid to look good, why shouldn't I ?
2. Lose at least 100 lbs before my birthday.. yes ladies I'm pushing 300 and it sux!

3. Find a new Carreer in Make up. Not sure if it will be my own make up line
or make up Direction for Film and TV.

4.Have an amazing 40th birthday Party!!

I enlisted the help of my mother. she had seen me through many physical changes and was most proud of me when I cam home form LA after shedding 140 lbs in 2003, and most dissapointed as she saw me slowly put the weight back on from 2006-present. But she had not seen me this big. I warned her.. well at least I tried.. But nothing would prepare her to see what 6 years of cold weather, pasta,bad relationships and a stressful job had done to her daughter.
She met me in the drive way..She embraced me and gasped.. I diddn't know if she was crying becuase she was happy to see me or becuase she was devastated by what she saw..She held me close and whispered in my ear .."No te preocupes Mi amor.. We're gonna fix this" And for the first time in a long time I felt UGLY..releived that this nightmare would finally be over..but UGLY none the less.

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