Saturday, December 26, 2009

One Woman Road Trip Part 2

I was chilled to the bone , leaving VA that morning. I drove in silence for 100 miles , no radio.. The radio made me think of him..eventhough I always thought of him from the day we met the summer of 2007. Seee he is that one little peice of baggage that one of you will eventually have to pry from my cold dead hands one day, like a little old lady's favorite rosary, He is the prayer I recite incesantly..even when I don't remember what the words really mean. Damn ...dramatic ..but true.
One hundred miles I drove without thinking of him..I focused on the road keeping my speed, smoking and hoping to find something interesting along the way.
Once I made it into the Carolinas (place I have never been) I started to feel a sense on I had lived here before. I pulled in to a gas station to top off and take a pit stop. As soon as I got out of the car. It seemed like I was home .. I thought of him but was quickly distracted by the gas station's cashier that had insisted on wearing a thick layer of while cream eyeshadow over her eyelids that day. I had to fight the urge to go back to the car and get my tool box out and fix it quick !!! But as she made polite conversation..One thing stood out. She was happy.. She is a cashier at a gas station with really bad make up..but happy... I decided not to burst her bubble with my make up tips and bolted for the bathroom.
the 200 miles through the Carolinas were torture.. I could not get him off of my mind..
And then somewhere in between Summerton SC and Savannah GA the sun kissed my face, I peeled my off My New England Layers, cracked the sunroof and made mad dash to Florida state line .. With Hank Williams Jr. blaring on the radio and only 4 hours to my new home.

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