Sunday, December 20, 2009

My last day in CT.

Today is the last day I will wake up to a freezing morning and a car covered in snow. The movers have come ..Make up and shoes are safely on their way to Florida, my car is jam packed with items of extreme necessity such as,more shoes and more make up. Tomorrow at 5am I will be driving 1225 miles from Beacon Falls CT. to Tampa, Florida to start all over again.. And maybe get it right this time. Don't get me wrong CT was an interesting place to be , however a place that made me lazy and complacent, a place where women are supposed to be wives , bars and clubs close at 2am, nothing opens on a Monday night, and men are afraid of women like me.
So luckily before I resigned myself to join the antidepressant swallowing , zanax popping female population of suburbia I was hit by a bolt of lightning >(my boss)that severed the ties(my job) that bound me to this weird little state. So with nothing but a moving truck full of clothes and shoes I am venturing off to change my life in 152 days..

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