Thursday, February 11, 2010

Woman of "Saga"

Today I celebrate a big win..The more trust in this process the more God uses those around me send me little reminders of who I truly am ..Riding in the car the other day..An old Bjork CD made its way back into my life..I remembered her..I realized this CD sat in my brothers car to remind him of when we last were together.. She brought me back my youth, the sense of wonder I had lost through the years...I was reminded what is was like to be honest...

There is much to be said about reuniting your brain and your long lost's like the separation of lover's during a holocaust..each suffers the loss of the the point of reconciling with the fact that they will never see each other again...and when they do...When the process of finding yourself gets to the point where Mind and Spirit are reunited ...Well I'll let Bjork tell you...


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