Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The longest 10 days of my life....

Excited as I was to learn that I had lost another 6 lbs, These past 10 days have felt like 5 months. Food was not really an issue for as I have actually found pleasure in my 800 calorie diet , as I view it as my first step into "skinnydom" and practice for the remaining years of my life. Don't worry it won't be 800 for ever!!! I keep telling myself, However honestly it will probably never be more than 1600 calories, which today seems like 3,000.
PMS hit at the same time my moving truck arrived. This was a BAD combination. Seeing my whole life in 33 boxes plunged me into a state that only liquor and sleep could remedy. So I slept and I cheated by having a nice stiff scotch to relax the huge knots that had crawled their way from the pit of my stomach to my shoulders.

Ya see last week was also a week that I learned that the love of my life was making way on his life long dream, and it hit me.. I may never get over him...seriously??
So I swallowed all of my anger and sent him an encouraging email with a quote about a TRUE WARRIOR, knowing I would not get a response.... This random act of kindness got me thinking about WARRIORS. What is a warrior? Are you allowed to call yourself one? Do you have to engage in physical battle in order to be one ? Hmmm.....

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