Sunday, January 31, 2010

Embracing the "Bunny"

22lbs ...The funny part is that it looks like I have had 22lbs of fat lipo sucked from my body. This is not the first time I have encountered weight loss and this time it looks and feels so different. I love looking like an overgrown playboy bunny. it's my favorite look. The boobs are great, the waist is small and the butt nice and lifted ..There's just more to me than your typical bunny , however I'm at a place where I love what I see. Still have a long way to go..but dam the trip is going to be so much more enjoyable! It has been almost a month since I have not had any sort of carbonated drink, and my body is showing it! Soda is the devil..yes folks even DIET. My massive thighs have become lovable the dimples have almost completely disappeared..I almost want to take a picture of my butt lol. The dimples are fading just like sunspots to with fade cream!! I have nixed dairy down to about 100 calories a day(1 cup of skim milk and maybe a 1/4 cup of fat free cottage cheese). and as of next week I am going SOY. I loooved cheese as much as I love a 6'2 232lb black man, however both came with the following side effects:

1. Additional growth hormones for increased performance, causing mood swings and
unexplicable rage.
2. Constipation, which leads to a lack of sense of humor.
3. Additional build up of mucus in the chest and sinuses, impeading clear
4. Increased cholesterol(poison) which ultimately leads to either a
broken or sick heart.

This process is teaching me that I should selct my food and my men with the same criteria:

1. Preservative free.
2. Fresh and undamaged.
3. Easily digestable.
4. Nourishing.

And obviously TASTY ..LOL...

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